Zoella Book club review

Heya Guys,

Today i wanted to do a book rewiew on the Zoella Bookclub review. I have all of the books now minus the potion diaries, as it was sold out! 

So Zoe, bought out her book club and i loved reading every single one of them. I love reading and being able to get into the relaxtion mode! I think reading is my favourite thing to do, as i like getting away from things and reading about another character. 

So the first book i read was: 

All the bright places:

I had heard great reviews about this, and wow, it did not disappoint! I got sucked into the story and couldn’t put the book down, as it was beautifully written and it was such a lovely book to read. So the book is written by Jennifer Nivven, and it is about two characters called, Finch and Violet. Violet is popular at school and Finch is just the ‘outcast’ of the group. The people in school name him Freak. So, the story is about two very different people, living two different lives until Finch sees Violet on top of the school roof. They become close and start to spend more and more time together. When reading the book, it feels really real, like you are living in the story. I got to the end of the story and realised Jennifer had wrote from real life experiences. I really enjoy this book and it is such a gripping read! I recommend this book so, so much!!! Violet is counting down the days until graduation and Finch is counting the days until he can get away, and is fasicnated by death..

Beautiful Broken things:

This book was such abI lovely read and it is an ending i would never have imagined. The book is written by Sara Barnard and the way it is written is amazing. The book covers subjects like peer pressure, different friends and things teenagers worry about. I can defiantly relate to the book in some ways. So It is about two best friends, Caddy and Rosie, they are inseperable until a new girl in Rosie’s school turns up.. Caddy always wishes she could be confident and beautiful like Rosie. Th new girl, Suzanne has a secret and beautiful. Suzanne’s  past is revealed to Caddy and Rosie, and Caddy realises that she has a dark side to her.. Caddy realises a little trouble can be very fun. This book captures teenage worries, friendships building and falling apart. Things begin to spiral downwards and there are consequences. This is such a heart felt book, with a lot of tears, happiness and romance. Defiantly recommend this book to anyone. 

Fan Girl:

This book has a lot of hype to it, and it is defiantly worth the hype. I read this book and wow! I loved it! This is a book written by Rainbow Rowell. This book captures, fan girls, first love and family. It is written in a fan fic kind of way. It is about two twins that are very different to each other, one likes to go out and party and one just likes to sit in her room and write fan fics. Cath loves being a fan girl. Wren has moved on from the fan girl life as they have both settled into university. So many people, i feel would be able to relate to this book. They will feel safe in the world of fan fics and fan girls, but when thrust into a new situation, they feel anxious. It is such a touching read and full of what online is now a days. Finding a voice online and in real life. This is such a good read and there are many emotional sides to this story but also happy encounters. 

Billy and me:

I love Giovanna Fletcher’s books. I have ready many of her books and i love the way she writes. Billy and me is no exception, i love this book. I read this book in one sitting and it is amazing. Billy and Me is about a girl named, Sophie Mae, and an actor Named Billy. It is a story about romance, friendship, fame and falling in love. Billy is a famous actor who comes into Sophie Mae’s tea shop where she works. Sophie Mae is an ordinary girl who lives in her village but has a big secret. Sophie has never told this secret, but is made to say it when some things of her past are revealed. Billy, is in a movie, with his ex and has to work with her everyday. Will Sophie be able to keep up with Billy’s fame? Sophie has always shied away from the attention, but will she be able to cope, when she is made to walk the red carpet? This is a heart warming book and one that is beautifully written. You feel like you are in the book and experiencing Billy and Sophie’s romance.

The sky is everywhere: 

I love this book. It is written by Jandy Nelson and i have never read a book that is so heart wrenching. It is about a girl, named, Lennie Walker. Lennie’s sister, was killed and she has to live with the fact. Lennie was always in her sisters, Bailey’s shadow, but now the attention is on her. Bailey’s ex boyfriend, is also grieving. Lennie is trying to choose between 2 boys who have her full attention. Toby is trying to work things with Lennie as Bailey is his ex girlfriend, and he is trying to connect to Bailey, but with Lennie. This is such a lovely, heart warming story. It is very relateable, in the fact that love isn’t always easy. This book what so heart warming an so imaginative, that i was living the story with her. Joe is the new boy in town and is trying to reach Lennie.  I laughed, i cried, i cringed at some parts of this story. All in all what a fantastic read!!!

Everything, Everything: 

Everything, Everything was recommended to me by a friend. Of course, i loved this book and couldn’t put this book down. This is an easy read, but has many twists and turns in the story. It is about a girl, who is allergic to the world. All she ever sees is Carla and her nurse. But one day, a lorry turns up outside her house, and a new family move in. She falls for a boy, named Olly and he is trying to reach out to her, as he is trying to get Maddy out of the house. Carla  is trying to get Maddy and Olly together. This book is about first love and falling in love. It had a unique turn on the book and was written so beautifully. Nothing to fault with this book. I couldn’t help but warm to Maddy and Olly’s character. This is a book, to curl up to and read! I loved it!

We were liars:

I loved this book. When Zoe, said go in with a blind eye, and read no reviews i totally agree. I read the book and decided to read the reviews and it confuses the book totally. I love this book. This book is not an easy read, as it does jump to different things all the time, but once you have followed this book, you totally understand the message behind the book.Candece is 17 and she has had an accident. Because of this, she is unable to remember anything that has happened. They go to the same place every summer with family friends and she remembers this part of the adventure. Candece falls in love with a boy, named Gat and she is left heart broken. This is a twist and turns of events, and this is a loving but upsetting book. I love how it is written and it is beautiful. This is a modern, sophisticated book. I would defiantly recommend to not read any reviews, but to just read the book.
Zoella Book Club.

 hope you enjoy my book club review! 

Amy x

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