Passed my driving test first time? +driving test tips!

Heya Guys,

So 5th October 2016, is the date i passed my driving test! I was super, super happy and i still am! I passed first time, with RED driving school and my instructor was so patient with me whilst i was learning. I want to give you a few tips on how to pass your driving test.

Pick your driving instructor wisely:
Always go with the best reviews. I heard a lot about RED, and a couple of my friends had gone with the driving school. When i rang up red, they were so helpful and i had taken a lot of thought about my lessons. I wasn’t expecting a lesson so quickly, but i had a lesson the week after! They ask what area you are from, and give you an instructor around that area. When i got my instructor, he rang me up and confirmed the time and date of my lesson. In my first lesson, I was nervous, but also excited. My instructor, made me feel calm and also listened to everything i needed help on. I believe, if you have an instructor, that listens to you, you will pass your test! You can book an instructor on the RED website here: Or call them:  0330 332 2680 and choose option one. 
Take the advice:
So you will have weekly lessons with your driving instructor, and they will get to know how you drive and what you need to improve on. I had 2 hour driving lessons every Wednesday, mid-day, so i wasn’t tired for my driving lesson. Believe me, when nearing to your test, you will need a few extra hours before the test! If your driving instructor advises you to do this, use the extra hours, just to polish up and ask any additional questions you may have.. At the end of the lesson, ask what you can improve on and be open with your instructor. if you are ready to book your driving test, ask your driving instructor, if they feel that you are ready.

Get familiar with  the test routes: 
My driving instructor, would take me round the test routes, that are more likely to come up. If you re confident with the test routes, there should be nothing that would go wrong on the day. If you look out for the hills and the tricky traffic system, you will be ready for the situations for your test day!

Be prepared:
Ask your driving instructor what you will need to bring on the test day! When you are prepared, you will feel less stressed out and more organised. The things for a test day is:
-Glasses if you need them to drive
-Theory Test certificate
-Provisional licence
They will ask you if you can read a number plate from 20m away and you will have 3 chances, to read them

Wear sensible clothing:
I cannot stress this enough. Always wear sensible clothing weather its your lesson or your driving test. You need to be able to feel comfortble and not feel that anything is restricting your movements. For my driving  test, i wore leggings, tshirt and trainers. I felt comfortable in this and was able to feel relaxed.

Eat and drink before:
So as the nerves start to edge forward, you will feel like you can’t eat or drink. In the morning, i felt very nervous, but if you don’t eat or drink, you will feel less calmed and your brain will be empty. I eat some porridge and drank a cup of tea before my driving test.

Stay positive:
You know everything, you have had all the lessons and you are ready for the test. When you feel nervous, it is hard to stay positive, but if you are positive it is most likely a positive outcome will come out of it. If you remain confident and positive, it will ensure you will do your best. I only remember certain things in my driving test even though i had it under a month ago. It seems like such a blur!!

A lesson before your test:
I had a lesson an hour and a half before my test. This is a good thing to have, as you can polish up on your driving. I liked having this lesson before hand, because going in for my test i felt more confident knowing i had a lesson before hand. It also helps you in the test, as the mirrors and seat is all prepared for you, so you don’t need to mess about with that, in your test.

Don’t rush:
This is so important, as you cannot rush your test. You can take as long as you like with a manouvere, as long as you are doing it safely and making sure your checking your mirrors. In my test, i got turn in the road, and i liked this manovere out of all of them, so i was happy. I made sure i took my time and checked all my reference points.

Get used to the car:
So important! I was learning in a vauxhaull corsa, but 2 lessons before my driving test, my instructor got a mini. Luckily, i booked a few more extra lessons, so i could get used to the car. Luckily. some things was like the other car. If you get used to the car, you will feel more confident doing your test.

Here are my tips for passing the driving test which helped me! If you are taking your driving test soon, good luck!!! Quote: ‘Don’t stress, do your best, forget the rest’! If you do fail, don’t give up! ‘Failure is a lesson’ so so true, you can keep learning! Also don’t forget why you started, it will happen!

Thank you for reading,
Amy x

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