An open letter to 2 of my best friends

Tia Maria:
Dear Tia,
My best friend, My sister and of course my orange!
I thought i would start with you first, as i have known you the longest. I remember the day we started speaking so clearly, back in 2014! I wasn’t sure about you at first as you well know haha! Now, roll on 2 years later, you’re one of my best friends, and the person who i turn to! Our friendship has turned into such a lovely story! You have been there to celebrate all of my victories, when i first got into college, when i got my grades and of course when i passed my driving test! I will never forget to take you on that road trip! I have known you since you were 15 and now you’re first approaching 18, and i can’t believe it!You’re turning into a beautiful young lady! You have heard all of my stories, the happy ones and the sad ones! You have always been there for me since day 1 and i have cherished so many memories with you! I know, we don’t see each other as much anymore, but always remember i am always a facetime call away! We have shared so many emotions, laughing until we have cried and cried so much, and of course our rants! You have made me laugh, when even i thought i couldn’t laugh anymore! You were the girl, that introduced me to Nandos! Thank you for being the one who shares my happiest memories with me and for them i will always treasure! Even though, we joke about hurry up and having a baby, you will always be my first choice of godmother, and of course be ‘auntie Tia’. The one that spoils my child/children! You will be at my wedding in the future,(if ever)! I hope you have thought of a good wedding speech and a good hen do! You advise me so so much and encourage to always come out of my comfort zone! The fact that we have seen each other through our ups and downs, but always become stronger! We have transformed into young girls to nearly adults, and i am so proud of you in so many ways! When you got your distinction, when you finally let go of something! Thank you for never given up on our friendship, when we didn’t talk as much! Thank you for being lovely inside and out, i will forever cherish you and our friendship! You have got to know my family, and they all love you! You will always be my best friend! The one i can always send my ugly selfies to, and the face times when i wake up straight away! Thank you for making me like part of yo family! I love you always and you slay girl! I can’t wait to make some more memories with you! There’s so much more that i could say, but we’ll just leave it at that! -Amy x

Dear Amy,
My twin, my best friend! We have only known each other a short amount of time and i can’t believe we only met each other in March! I remember the day we met properly! soccer six, in the freezing cold, when it was raining! We spoke before that, on facetime, and we just clicked! No awkwardness, just friendship! We have created the best memories in the space of 8 months, and i will forever cherish that! When we spent 5 weeks together and had the best fun ever! When we both experienced franklin lake home, i could never spend that with someone else by my side! We have shared some of the funniest memories and ones i will never forget! We have also experienced so many emotions and rants, and i could not think of anyone else i would want to share my emotions to! The one that has told me so many things, that may upset me, when you found out on the day that i couldn’t go to one of the shows! You have easily become one of my best friends! I will always be here for you, weather for a mcdonalds haha! or a laugh or cry Thank you for being one of the people to share my incredible moments and memories with! Singing along, and even when i have been upset, thank you for making it the best possible day ever! I will never forget the things that you have done for me! You have got me more obsessed with chicken nuggets, if that’s even possible! You will always be the first person that i run to, when things have got me down! I am so proud of yo, with whatever you have done, you have always made sure it’s the best! I was so thankful to be able to spend your 18th with you! what a special birthday to be apart of! You have got to know some of my family, and i will always thank you for being like part of my family! When we always have stories to tell, you’ll always be the person i want to tell! I have nothing but love and respect for you! When eventually i do have children, you will be the godmother always and the bridesmaid for my wedding! I can’t wait to experience the future with you! Thank you for always being there for me and never letting me down! Thank you for always encouraging me to do more things! Thank you for sharing my victories and wins! You’re the one i send all of my ugly selfies to, the one who gives me a confidence boost, and the one who is forever there for me! I can’t wait to spend the first Christmas with you, as one of my best friends! I know sometimes you just want to shake your head, when i have made a wrong decision, but you never have! Thank you for showing me your lovely family and thank you for the drunken stories you have told me! You have made my life better and i will never forget the memories, and i can’t wait to share some more memories with you! You are such a lovely person inside and out!When i wanted to go Birmingham, but you bought me the tickets, i could never ever forget the fun we had! The fun before the tiredness, when we had 2 hours sleep! Crisps for breakfast and nothing else! Road trip soon! You have always made me the better version of myself! Thank you for the crazy moments! I love you a lot, always! -Amy x

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