Secret Santa gift ideas Blogmas Day 5! 5 gifts!

Hello Guys,
The secret santa season has arrived, and a lot of colleges and works will stat to do this! I personally like secret santa and there is always a budget, so you know what you can spend!

-Notebooks: I love a notebook, the type where there is a quote on the front! Maybe buy your coworker or a friend a notebook with their favourite quote on the front!

Image result for quote notebook

-Lush Bath bombs: I love lush bath bombs, and you can get a gift set! if your friend or coworker loves pampering themselves, give a lush bath bomb gift set a good go!

-Chocolate hamper: if your friend or coworker, loves chocolate, i mean who doesn’t, then get them a chocolate hamper! i have seen so many of these about, and these are bound to go down a treat!

-Socks: Everyone needs socks! fluffy socks are the way to go for a secret santa, they’re so cute and i love a good pair of fluffy socks!

Image result for fluffy socks primark

Last but not least, champagne: if you’re coworker of friend is 18+ or 21+ In America, then Champagne and chocolate gift set is a nice little gift!

Image result for champagne and chocolate

Hope you enjoyed this blog post,
Amy x

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