reviewing my 2016 resuloutions and making new ones! #blogmasday9

hello guys,
so i have completed all my 2016 goals and i am super proud of myself! i always make them every year and never stick to them, but this year was a different experience!
-start going to the gym- i started going to the gym last month, and i love going now! my motivation has peaked up and i love getting fit! so i say that is pretty successful 

-pass my theory- so before i could book my practical driving test, i had to pass my theory. i was super anxious and nervous about this, but i revised and revised! I passed my theory first time, and i was really happy with myself. 

-Pass my practical: so i had my theory? now i needed the real deal! I worked so hard on all of my lessons, and i booked a test and i…. passed first time! I was really happy with myself and so proud that i managed to do it first time!

lastly -step out of my comfort zone! I have done lots of things that i never thought i would do, and i managed to do some! The support from my family and friends was so amazing, and i got to do this! i drove around London for the first time, and i was really amazed that i could do it! 

Now to make new ones:
-to stop stressing over the small things: so basically, 2 weeks ago, i was in an unhappy place, and i was stressing myself out, i had my first ever fit. I was really stressed with college, and i was stressing over the little things in my life. The nurses diagnosed me with epilepsy, but also stress related fit! so this is my new years resoloution!

-Keep making my friends happy: This one is a big one for me as i love making my friends happy, they are the best things ever!

-keep on blogging- this blogmas has made me realise how much i love blogging and i need to keep doing it! I love doing blogging!

Thats all my new years goals!
catch ya soon
Amy x 

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