My go to christmas day makeup #blogmasday13

Hey guys,
I cannot believe how near Christmas day is approaching! I am super excited, and i wanted to share with you my go to Christmas day makeup, that i like to wear! Very smoky eye and a whole load of shimmer! Legoooo…
The first thing i apply to my skin is the: L’oreal paris infalliable priming base: This prepares my skin for the foundation and everything else. I love it, as it feels so soft on my skin!
Foundation: The foundation i have been loving is the Rimmel lasting finish foundation and i love this. it feels so soft on my skin and really blends in well. 
Concealer: i love the highlighting concealer for this christmas look as it makes it all glowy. i use  the clinique airbrush concealer, as this makes your under eyes illuminate and look airbrushed! it goes on really well also!
powder: I love using the L’oreal true match powder as it blends all the makeup in well together. It is so easy to blend and lightweight!
Contour: I love using cream contours for the Christmas events, as they look so lovely. I have loved using the: Makeup revoloution cream contour kit. It has a lot of pigment and is so easy to blend either with a brush or beauty blender. There are  8 different shades, to suit your skin type! 
bronzer: As i have quite a shimmery look already, and i will use quite an intense highlight, i go for the matte bronzer, as i don’t really need any more shimmer to the skin. i love using the balm bahama mamma bronzer! It has an undertone, that doesn’t make you look orange, just fresh and bronzed. It’s also a powder finish!
Highlight: my favourite, all year round! on christmas day, i go all out with the highlight, as i love creating a glowy look! I love using a liquid and powder highlight! I use the liquid one first and this is the L’Oreal true match liquid illuminator, as it perfects my contour and bronzer and it glows so much! for the powder highlight, i love using the makeup revoloution strobe highlighter. It is such a buildable highlighter, and looks amazing on the skin!


I love going all out on the eyes on christmas day. i love using the smoky brown shades, to emphasise the eyes!
Eye primer: For eye primer, i love using the collection illuminating and reviving eye primer, as this is a smoky eye, i want the primer to bring that out! so lightweight and easy to blend also!

eyeshadow: I have 2 alternatives, one drugstore and one high end: 
Drugstore: Bourjouis quad smokey stories eyeshadow: I love this one, as you can mix the 4 shades, to create the perfect eyeshadow! The middle shade: to blend into your outer corner, to create the shadow. With the darkest shade, go along your upper lash line and sweep into the socket of your eye. With the glitter shade, highlight the eye, to create the smokey eye. go into the inner corner of your eye, and onto your brow bone!
High end: Charlotte tilbury the golden goddess: This comes with 4 gorgeous smokey brown shades, to achieve your smokey eye look. It is really expensive, but does the job, and looks amazing on!!!
Eyeliner: I like using eyeliner, but sometimes don’t use it if i have false eye lashes and mascara on but sometimes i do! i love using the no7 eyeliner, as it is super affordable and is so easy to apply to the eyes! stay perfect amazing eye pencil from no7 is incredible!It is also waterproof!!
Mascara: I love using the benefit roller lash mascara, this really finishes off the look and looks amazing on the lashes. it lifts the lashes, and curls them also! it looks incredible on and it lasts for ages! 
False lashes: you can apply false lashes if you want to, but i tend not to! However, i did last year, and i used the eyelure volume 100 lashes as i am so clumsy, and they were so easy to apply! They were wispy, they looked natural but looked amazing at the same time! 

Eye primer:
Eyeshadow: Drugstore:
fake eyelashes:

we need to finish this look off, so lips: 
Lipliner: i love the rimmel 1000 kisses lipliner in Red dynamite 21, as it really is creamy and it makes your lips look fuller. It also really compliments the Tanya Burr lipstick well also!
Lipstick: i have recently purchased the Tanya burr lipstick ‘wild safari’ and i love wearing a red lip for Christmas, as it looks really festive, and makes a bold statement! I love wearing it as it is so soft and so long lasting

Hope you enjoy this,
See you tomorrow 
Amy x

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