My new year’s Eve go to makeup *HIGH END MAKEUP* #BlogmasDay15

Heya guys,
So 2 blog posts ago, i done my Christmas day go to makeup, i am back again with a new years eve makeup look!This is a high end makeup look, so, legoooo.. 

Makeup forever smoothing primer: i love this primer, as it is long wearing and it glides onto the skin

Foundation: I use the mac studio fix fluid foundation as there is hardly any oil in it, so it doesn’t make your skin look oily. It is also a medium-high coverage. perfect for them new years eve parties!
Concealer: i use the mac prolong wear concealer, as it covers everything up and gives you that nice finish. 
Powder: i love using powder, as it blends everything in together. The powder i like using is the: mac blot powder as this gives you a sheer finish. 
Contour: i love having sharp cheek bones and a sharp jawline, when at parties and my face looking defined. for my high end contour i use: Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit light. This contour kit is so lovely and so smooth. 
Bronzer: I love bronzing up my skin with a powder bronzer after using a cream contour kit so i use the: Nars bronzing powder. This is such a smooth bronzer, and really glows your face up well.
Highlight: I love using an intense highlight, as i think you should be glowing on New years eve and shining. The highlight i love using is the: benefit sun beam golden bronze, this blends amazingly well and gives you an intense  glow. I also love the urban decay afterglow as it goes on so well and enhances the skin. 
Fix spray: I love using the mac fix spray, as i know it will keep my makeup in place all night even when i have been dancing so!
Fixing spray:
i love having doing gold eyes, like a champagne colour! i also love the glitter and shimmer on the eyes!
Eye primer: The eye primer i have loved wearing is the urban decay eyeshadow primer, this is such a beautiful primer, and makes putting eye shadow on so easy!
Eyeshadow: I love wearing the gold eyeshadows for new years eve, as i want to be shimmering and sparkling. I love the bobbi brown metallic eye shadow. It is so easy to apply, and it hardly creases. It also applies evenly. I have also been loving the, urban decay moondust palette. This has so many shimmery and sparkly eye shadows in and is so pigmented. 
Mascara: i love the Too faced better than sex mascara, it it so amazing when applying to the lashes. it is waterproof and also an intense mascara to wear. 
Lashes: On new years, i like to go all out on my lashes, as it is such a nice time of year, to get dressed up and go all out with the makeup, so i love wearing the kiss lashes. This is sold in drugstore, but these lashes are so intense and amazing! I love the haute couture ones, as they feel amazing. 

eye primer:
Eye shadow: Bobbi brown:,default,pd.html 
urban decay:

To finish off this makeup look, i want to have a minimal lip, as i want the main focus to be on my eyes!
lip liner: I love the mac nothing sexier lip pencil, to line my lips with. This is a lovely nude colour and so long lasting. this can also cover the lips, with the colour, and looks amazing
Lipstick: I want to go for a nude lipstick, so again mac: velvet teddy. This looks amazing with the lip pencil and really compliments the look. i love velvet teddy! 
Lipgloss: Mac: signs of spring. Love this lipgloss, it really compliments velvet teddy and it’s like a glass like finish. The sheen to it is amazing!
lip liner:

Hope you enjoyed this,
see you tomorrow,
Amy x

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