Thank yous and reviewing my year blogmasday18

heya guys

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has read my blog posts and I hope you are enjoying Blogmas so far!

My year has been a rollercoaster:

I got to meet such an amazing girl, who I now call one of my bestfriends, she is such an amazing person,and has been there with me through thick and thin! Thanks so much Ame x

I got to go to so many events and make more amazing memories,  with the franklin lake boys and also got to reunite with Benj and Benji, which makes me super happy! Memories will be forever cherished at events

I passed my theory and driving test first time! I am super happy and proud with myself, and would’ve never guessed that I would pass first time! Wow!!!

I got my hospital placement,, which is such an amazing achievement and I cannot wait to carry on. In January! Wow, what a placement to have!!!

Last but not least, overcome some difficult barriers in personal life such as going to hospital with a fit and being scared! But now I have just lived with it, and overcome this with the support of my family and friends!

I also blogged more,  which I do want to carry on doing!!! As I enjoy it so so much!

Happy Blogmas
Amy x

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