my top 5 favourite lush Christmas products #BlogmasDay19

Heya guys,
I love lush and i love christmas, so when you combine the two together, then it is amazing! I am going to be sharing with you, my top 5 favourite Lush Christmas products
♥Father Christmas: An old favourite, and one i repurchase every single year. I love this bath bomb, as it creates such a lovely bath. It smells really sweet, and just such a nice scent to put in your bath. It goes into a green and white bath colour, and i love it! This product is only £3.75

♥Snow angel: I love this shower gel. Again the scent is very sweet and it relaxes you so much. I love the scent and the colour of this, and the scent is really long lasting on the skin. This product is £7.95

♥Luxury Lush Pud: I love this bath bomb. Again, there is a pattern here, as this is a sweet scent. i really like having sweet scents in the bath, and also the fact is has lavender in the product. This really relaxes and lets you unwind, when you are taking a bath. It is a really creamy bath product as well which i really like. This product is £4.25

♥Sleepy: This is a body lotion. My skin gets really dry in the winter and i like keeping my skin nourished and feeling and looking hydrated. This is a really creamy body lotion and again is a floral scent. Again, it has that lavender in it and makes you feel calm.  This is £7.95

♥Sugar plum fairy lip scrub: As well as my body, my lips feel really cracked in this season. I love the lush lip scrubs, as it really makes a difference to my lips and i feel my lips not being cracked. It softens my lips and the product is such a lovely purple colour. It has a scent of blackcurrant and orange in the scrub. I love this lip scrub! It is £5.75

Happy blogmas!
Amy x

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