Christmas day traditions #BlogmasDay20

hey guys,
I am going to share with you my Christmas traditions..
So i like to wake up early on Christmas day, as this is my favourite day of the year, and i like to enjoy it. As always, i just lay in bed and scroll through social media and wish my family and friends a merry Christmas.  I wake up around 6:30-7am.

Next, i open my presents from my family and friends, and we all go downstairs to do this, and put on the tree lights and any other lights, so it feels festive.
Then we have breakfast, this usually consists of a full English, as our Christmas dinner, isn’t until quite late.

I like putting the television on and snuggling with my family to watch a film or some Christmas shows, that are being aired.

I then have a bath, usually a lush Christmas one, so i feel all clean and relaxed before going out for Christmas dinner.

Usually we have dinner at my house, but this year we are going out with the family to a restraunt, for dinner instead this year, to change it up a bit.

After, we go back to my nan and Grandad’s and open some more presents, that they have got us.

Then we watch more television, as i love christmas tv, as it is my favourite thing to watch!
Of course, we eat a lot of food, mainly chocolate!

Then it’s sleep time and the end of the day:(

Happy Blogmas

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