What has 2016 taught me?

Heya guys,
So, 2016, has taught me a lot of things and of course, lots of other people would have taken whole other things away from 2016. But, what has 2016 taught ME?

Say yes to more things: 
I have learnt this so much in 2016, say yes to new things, and you make the best most amazing memories! This is such an exciting one, as i have been to a whole load of new places and met loads of new people! Saying yes, has made me see there is a whole other world out there!
I can do it!
Yes, this one, i am super proud of all that i have achieved in 2016!I have had a more positive outlook on life, and realised, that with positivity, you can do it! i passed my theory and driving test first time, when i thought i wouldn’t be able to! But, i showed myself that i could!
My friends:
I have made amazing, incredible, new friends this year! And stayed in contact with a lot of my old ones as well! 2016 has taught me, who has had my back through ups and the downs, and what friends make me the happiest! It has also taught me, a smaller circle of friends, is much better than a big circle of friends!
Being not okay, is okay!
I went through quite a bit in the last couple of months of 2016! I was feeling stressed, and also doing too much! this resulted in me ending up in hospital! Maybe if i had slowed down, and done everything at a slower pace, it would have been okay! But, this has taught me, it’s okay, to slow the pace down and share the feelings that i am feeling! It is okay not to be okay, and to share things with someone!
Do what makes you happy!
If something, or someone makes you happy, DO IT! This doesn’t mean to say, that it will make everyone else happy, but if it feels right do it! Your happiness, is so important..
make the BEST memories:
Making memories is my favourite! As you may see, i love going to events, gigs and exploring! when i look back at photo’s, it is like i am back in the moment, and reading a story. I remember how i felt back then, what i was like. and also who i was with. Looking back at pictures is amazing, and this is through making memories!

Page 1 of 365 days! Make your beautiful journey, and do what you like!
Happy new year, and a happy 2017!

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