6 good things that happened in 2016!

heya guys,
I wanted to reflect on 2016, and yes, 2016, was a bad year for some inspirations and other things that happened in the year. But there has also been personal achievements that i also want to celebrate. So, i’m going to be sharing 6 good things that happened in 2016!

♥Passing my theory and driving test: I cannot believe i am writing this either! I would’ve never thought that i would have passed my theory and driving first time! It’s still so crazy, and i am forever proud of that accomplishment!

♥Meeting Amy: One of my best friends and biggest supporters in everything i have done! I met Amy through a boyband, and we met in March! it feels like we have known each other for so much longer than that. I am so thankful Amy came into my life when she did, as she has experienced the lows and high’s of my life. I have shared so many amazing memories with her already! I stumbled across her friendship and she has quickly become one of my favourite people! We share many emotions, and the glow! She sometimes even knows me better than myself! You are much better person then you actually think, and such a selfless person. I want to thank you for being there for me, and just making me laugh! I love you lots mushy pea! x

♥Met up with old friends: I done a lot of this during 2016! i met up with Dominique more, who i met through events! I spoke to Dominique briefly over the years, and this year we started getting closer! I feel like i have known her for so, so long! Over this year, she has been my rock and she always has time for a chat and a laugh. One of the most selfless girls ever, and i am so glad we got closer during 2016! Dom is the one to blame introducing me to bubbleology and my slight obsession with it now (oops!) we have created some fabulous memories in 2016, and i am so proud of you for what you have achieved! I cannot wait for 2017 adventures! Thank you for everything you have done for me, and just being there for me! I love you lots girl x

♥Blogging more: Yes, i have found my love of blogging again, and i am super happy. I can’t believe i actually done blogmas, i mean i didn’t think i would get to the end of it, but i done it! I have changed so much since i started blogging, and i wanted to carry that out in all my blog posts!

♥my future goals: I study health and social care at college, and for ages never really knew what i wanted to do when i got the qualification. After, speaking to so many different people, i have found that i would love to work in a maternity ward. I love caring for people, adults and babies, so i want to be a maternity support assistant. i have researched about it so much, and cannot wait!

♥Gone to more events: I wanted to go to more events in 2016, as i feel this is my happy place. i love meeting up with my friends and seeing familiar faces! So many things have happened and met some incredible people, thanks to the events that i attend! I love the atmosphere and the fact everyone has a good time! 2016, has been the year for events, and i have loved every second. 

I hope you enjoyed my blog post!

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