Music Mondays ft, Jamie Scott

Heya guys,
So, i want to kind of bring the music vibe to my blog posts. I love listening to music, weather i am happy or i am sad. Music, is such a blessing to my ears

So, i wanted to review Jamie Scott ‘shape of you’ r&b cover. i love Ed Sheeran, and shape of you, is easily one of my favourites out of the 2 songs he released. Now, when Jamie, covered it, this was a blessing to my ears. Wow, what a treat! This song, originally, is slow and quite relaxed. Whereas, Jamie has put his own spin onto this, and it sounds incredible. The tempo of the cover, is insane and it is so upbeat. Easily now, my getting ready song, or my happy song, if i want a dance in my bedroom! Ya get me? The mixes of the different range of sounds, throughout the cover, i love it. From the verses, to the chorus, Jamie has smashed it! The r&B vibe shines throughout this cover! Well done, boyo! You done good x

So, where can you check it out?
Jamie has released, the cover on his Youtube channel here:

Also, subscribe to him:

Where else to find him: Twitter: @jamiescottmusiq
Insta: jamiescottmusiq

go and follow him on his socials, he loves to interact on social media! Get involved, with tweeting the cover also!

Hope you have enjoyed this blog post


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