Happy 18th Tia Mariaaaa!

A different blog post from me today!

My best friend turned 18!!!! I cannot believe she is already 18! I remember when i turned 18, and i couldn’t wait! and neither could Tia, we were speaking so much about what the plans were for her 18th! I am so blessed, to have such an amazing, supportive best friend in Tia! Tia has bought so much confidence into my life, since i met 14 year old Tia! It is so crazy how much we have both grown up, and by each other’s side!

i cannot guarentee life at 18, will run smoothly, but, as a best friend, i will guarantee, that i will stand by your side, weather you are 18 or 80! We have created so many memories together, so many song facetimes and the emotions we have both shared is unreal! I cannot wait to see you at the weekend, and buy you a drink! As promised, when you turned 18, drinks on me girl! To our crazy nandos time, our crazy facetimes and of course our photoshoots, heres too many other birthdays!

i hope you have so many oranges around you ;)! I hope that our friendship remains full of crazy and fun moments, now you have become an adult!

I hope you have had an amazing day, it’s not over yet! I hope all your wishes come true. Thank you for always making time for me, through the good and the bad times! i hope you get spoilt so much, and i love you always!
You are my best friend, always, and forever!

love you always girl!                           Here’s my fave memories! x
Amy x

Our white jeans, without even planning the outfit!
Our photoshoot day!

Our nandos date!

Happy 17th Baby girl!

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