weekend morning routine 2017

Heya guys,
Today, i wanted to do my weekend morning routine, when i am having a chilled weekend. Next week, i will focus on my weekend routine of when i am having a busy weekend. so, my routine, for a chilled weekend goes as follows: 

– I wake up around 9/9:30am, and just lay in bed, scrolling through social media as you do..
Twitter: @amy_bellxx
Instagram: amylaurenbellx

– I go downstairs, and make myself a cup of tea and breakfast. This usually consists of: chocolate crossiants and fruit!
– I get ready in my comfies, and usually go and write a blog post at this point. 

-When i am having a chilled weekend, this means no makeup, as i like to let my skin breathe and not have any makeup on it!

-I love catching up on tv series that i have been watching such as: Keeping up with the Kardashians, body revenge and watch a few films. 

-Have a bath in the evening: i love doing this, by putting bubbles in the bath, and laying in the bath and relaxing, just to finish my chilled weekend off. 

-Pjyamas: Yay, putting my pj’s back on is my fave thing to do, and i will usually just sit in bed watching netflix. I have been loving chasing cameron, it is amazing!

turn off my light, and go to bed… sweet dreams 
Amy x

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