Shape of you remix! -Chase Blake

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Heya Guys,
Chase Blake has released his Shape of you Remix! When i first heard the Ed Sheeran, i loved the beat to the song, and loved the lyrics.. Chase has smashed this remix again, as always!

Chase  burst onto the music scene, with his musical friend, Benj aka Benj&Benji! Now Chase has gone onto the rap scene, making remixes and doing shows. He has done a lot of covers/remixes, on youtube and facebook. Chase has a lot of fans, which interact with him over twitter and his facebook. The shape of you remix, is such a vibe that is good, it’s very upbeat and quirky! I love the remix, and it is always playing!

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Chase has many duos, such as appearing on Joey Devries album, working on the song ‘Lost time’ which you can view here:
&also, Harry Cracknell with the got love remix:

He has had such positive feedback on the shape of you remix, and it is brilliant, that he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. The comments have been insane, since he has done the remix such as:
‘Your remix is sick this won’t get old no matter how many times I hear this my g proud of you chase man 🎶✨ #byshanz aka stormzy’
‘This is sick💪🏼 man like ChaseBlake01 went INNN 🔥🔥’

You can view more of Chase here:

You deserve so much success in life, and i am so proud of you and what you have achieved. keep smashing the remixes, and i will hopefully see you soon! Love always, Amy x

Hope you enjoy the blog post,
Amy x

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