My favourite apps!

Hey guys,
We live in this day and age, where apps are always the key thing. I love apps such as social media apps, and finding new apps. I have been quite stressed recently with college life, and i have found an app, which is really good! Heres my favourite apps of March!

Change profile photo-Instagram: i have been loving instagram recently. I have had so many pictures that i’ve liked, and just wanted to post onto Instagram. I love getting inspiration as well from Instagram, and scrolling through the app! 


Image result for calm app
Calm: This is the app that i have been loving for meditation, and calming myself down. I love the book, as i love reading, but i thought i would give the app a go. This is such a nice app, as it has different meditation music on there, and also calming music, to drift off to sleep. You can also do guided meditation on there, and i love it! In it, you can choose from different sessions, and this could be from 2 minutes, 10 minutes or 20 minutes sessions. Link for ios: 
Google play:

Image result for spotifySpotify: Another music app which i have been loving. Spotify is amazing, for a music lover like me. I love putting on the playlists that they have to offer, and adding more songs onto my playlist. I have used spotify for ages now, and still love it! Link:

VSco cam: This app is my favourite app. I love editing my instagram photos on here, as it has such high qualiity, and makes a picture look so good. And, it’s like a social media app, as you can make your own grid. Link: 

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