What is in my college bag?

Heya guys,
i wanted to do a blog post, on what you can find in my college bag! I will insert some images also, and where i have bought the items:

Backpack: I love this backpack, it is the perfect size to put all my essentials in, and not too small or not too big! This was from New look!

Small folder: i don’t like carrying around my normal big folder, as i sometimes don’t have them lessons, so i like carrying small folders, with the day on them, so i know what work i need in the folder. This was from tesco!

Pencil case: I have a pencil case, so i have all my stationary in one place, so it doesn’t get lost. I like having a see through one, so i can see what i have in there. In my pencil case i have, 2 pens, 2 pencils, memory stick and some memo pads. There are all from tesco or whsmith!

Notebook: to jot down any notes, i need to have, to help with my coursework. I like having a notebook in my bag, incase i forget anything. this one is from whsmith!

Spray: I have long days at college, most days, so i like having some spray on me, so i don’t go round smelling. i love having the lipsy caged spray in there or the impulse sprays are good also. I like smelling fresh, so this is good. 

Chewing gum: I like having chewing gum in my bag, as i like chewing on something when i’m bored, or when i feel anxious. 

Keys: Some days i finish college early, so i need to be able to get back into the house. I leave my keys in my bag, so i am able to get in the house. 

Purse: Incase i want to buy any snacks at college, or get on the bus. I always have my purse, in my bag, so i am able to have money. I sometimes go shopping after college also, so to have my purse is easy.

Snacks: I like having a fruit bar in my bag, so i am able to keep eating but healthily. 
Water: I like drinking water in lesson, and being kept hydrated, as this is easy for me to get dehydrated. so I always make sure i have my bottle of water on me..

Hope you enjoyed!

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