Thank-you’s and im so proud of you’s

Heya guys,
This is the time i say thank you, to the people who i will always love and cherish… 

♡ Amy: Thank you for always believeing in me, when i didn’t think i could do it. Thank you for the most amazing memories we have created, and i’ll forever cherish these amazing memories. The sad times and the happy times, will always be my favourite. Thank you for accepting me for who i am, for all the confusing times haha! Thank you for always being my biggest fan and supporter. Whenever i need someone, you are always there for me. I am always so proud of you, with how hard you work, and also the fact, that you can find someone in 5 mins;). Thank you for always encouraging me to try new things, as well.. Cannot wait for our summer 2017 adventures..♡ 

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♡Dominiqueee: Dom, you have been such a lovely friend, and such an amazing friend over the years. We have made such incredible memories and i am so happy we got close! i am so thankful with whatever time it is, you’ll always be there for me. You are such a selfless person, and i am so happy that you’re one of my closest friends. I am super proud, with whatever is thrown your way, you get on and do it! You are also doing incredible at uni, and you should be so proud of what you achieve, as i am with you. I cannot wait to create new amazing memories! I love our Nandos trips, and the way we can talk for hours and hours all the time hah!♡ 

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♡ Kieran: You have taught me so much, and given me so much motivation, when i thought i wouldn’t be able to do it. You have given me so much advice, when times have been hard. I want to thank you for being in my life, and through the ups and the downs, you have never once said a bad thing, and vice versa! Thank you for always believing in me, and that i can do it! especially, with coursework and also my driving! I am so proud of you, for what you have achieved at uni, and you will do amazing!♡ 

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♡ Franklin Lake: Tay&Jude, i am so proud of what you have achieved. I have known you since i was 15, and the memories at gigs we have created has been amazing. I cannot wait for the rest of 2017, to see what else you’re going to achieve. I am so proud of you, as you two, have always come back out so much stronger, and always giving me the confidence to try new things. You are such special people, and i am so happy, to say that i have stuck around, to see you achieve so much! I hope you get so much success in your music business, and you carry on being happy! So much love for you boys! I can’t wait to see you both again x 

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♡Sue: Moving on, to the most strongest lady i know, in music&in life! I am so happy that i have got to know you, and see what a lovely lady you are. Whatever comes your way, you always come back better and so much stronger. i want to thank you, for always being there for me, and giving me so much confidence! I can’t wait to see what else you do in 2017, and thank you for letting me in your life! You are the most selfless lady i have known. Lots of love for you always x

♡ Chase: Yasss, Chase! You have created so many songs, that have been stuck in my head! I am so happy for what you have achieved, and i am so proud of you. I cannot wait until you get the recognition you deserve. Thank you so much, for always being there for me, when i have ranted many times haha! Thank you for giving me the confidence, and saying that you’re proud of me, when i write a blog post for you! I hope i get to see you again soon, as i miss youuu:(! Thank you for always giving me the chance, to write blog posts on your fab songs! Love you always, Tinch! xx

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Amy x

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