Music Mondays Franklin Lake

Heya Guys,
I am back with a blog post on music Mondays… Today i am going to be talking about pop duo Tay and Jude, known as Franklin Lake..

I have had the pleasure of meeting these boys, quite a lot of times now, and i am so proud of how much they have achieved!

Franklin lake are bringing out a new song ‘The Tide.’ We have heard Glad we met, which is an upbeat song, and a romantic song. This is a new song, and is also being rerelased by universal distribution. this song will be rereleased on 2nd June. The song glad we met, is the perfect vibe for the summer, as the lyrics are certainly very relatable to everyone, but also the perfect song to dance along to. This song, is so catchy, and nicely done! This song goes down so well, at various events i have been to, and always gets people dancing along, to the song!

Moving along, to the tide, which you can also preorder now! Links down below for both. This song, again is so relatable, and much slower. This shows that the boys, are also very diverse in their sound, and can record upbeat and stripped back songs. Again, this song is very catchy, much like glad we met, but a total different vibe. I love the tide, as i always find it getting stuck in my head. This song, takes you on a journey of various emotions and i love it! I have been listening to this on sound cloud, and have been loving it, and cannot wait until it is on my phone! This song is so relatable for many people, on the journey of love. Their voices just go so well together, and is very known in this song. 

Image result for franklin lake the tide

I just want to say, how proud i am of you, and can’t wait to keep on supporting you, and see where the next journey takes you. You should be so proud of yourselves, and how much hard work you have put on is insane! Congrats!
Preorder links: 
Glad we met:
The Tide:
Soundcloud the tide: 
Soundcloud Glad we met:
Get involved with the hashtag #TheTide, and tweet the boys at:

Love Always,
Amy x

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