Music Mondays/ChaseBlake

I’m coming back at you with a new Music mondays! Been quite a long timeee!
Chase has saved me with the music mondays blog post, as he released a new remix today!
Chase is always killin’ the remix game, and he has done it again with his remix of Dj Khaled’s ‘I’m the one.’ Very chilled, hyped remix, and i love it! Chase has this stripped right back, with just the mic and a minimalistic background. i love the vibe of this remix! I love the way it has taken a different turn, and it is very casual, making the audience, feel as if their there with him, capturing the journey of the song.. 
Chase’s vocal range always manages to surprise me and i know he will smash it time and time again. The reviews of the remix has been insane so far! 
Fans comments
‘Loving the new remix’
‘On repeat’ 
‘Loving it’
‘super proud’ 
‘new remix is the best’
My comments^
So many people loving this remix, a totally different vibe to what you see of Chase Blake! A bit of rap and a bit of singing. So excited to see the next one!!! Each one has a different versatile sound and something new is always added to it! Always smashing the game! Such a genuine, talented artist! 
To check out Chase’s sound, and get to know a bit more of Chase..
Super proud of you as always,
Fire, fire, fire
Amy x

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