Heya guys,
I wanted to do a blog post on the Ariana Grande, one love concert. i wasn’t personally there, but i did watch it on the TV. I was so impressed from the production, to the lineup, to the set list and to the amazing crowd. Everyone done their bit, and from that concert the red cross raised 9 mil dollars to the victims families and loved ones. If you would like to donate, you can do here: https://beta.redcross.org.uk/appeal/manchester-emergency-fund-concert I would like to send my love to the victims families, and the victims themselves. This Ariana Grande concert was for you last night and all of the beautiful angels, that light up the skies. It is such a beautiful world, but with some ugly people in this world. RIP to all the 22 angels that passed away, you are all angels, and to the people who were affected at the manchester attacks, you are all fighters. xxx

I have been going to gigs from the age of 14/15, and that has always been my safe place, and the place where i felt the most happiest. At the age of 14+15, i hardly had any confidence, and gigs gave me that confidence, to meet new people and be able to meet such amazing people. when i found out about the manchester attack, it was so sad, and hit me so hard, as these types of places are my happy places, and i have met some of my best friends there. It is the reason why i started blogging and the reason why i have the confidence to be able to go to so many places, supporting some of the best artists. Without gigs, i wouldn’t have met some of the best friends and some of the most talented and hardworking artists. I also wouldn’t have created so many precious memories.  In light to what has happened, it has made me appreciate my friends so much, and i always pray that they don’t end up in a situation like that. 

I met Amy through Franklin Lake, and i have been blessed to have such an amazing friend like Amy. She is my biggest supporter in everything i do and my biggest rock. We have created so many memories together, and i feel so blessed to have met someone so selfless. Amy came into my life March 2016, and since then we have been inseperable. She is one of the main reasons, i have so much confidence in myself, and the reasons why i travelled all the way to Birmingham. I love you with all my heart, and i can’t wait to create some new memories. Thank you for the amount of support and time you have spent on me xx

BlueMoon Football 

Again, one of the girls that i met through Franklin Lake. Me and Dom haven’t always been close, but the end of last year we began to get closer. Dominique is one of them girls who works so hard to get what she wants, and i am forever amazed and proud of that. I have never been more prouder, to be able to call her a friend. She has finished her 1st year of university, and i have never been prouder. Thank you for all the advice and support you have given me, when i’ve needed it! Heres to more Nandos haha!! xx

One of our many Nandos trips!

Sophie Moule
I miss you:(! Sophie is one of the best people i have ever met. I have never met anyone as strong as you and as selfless. The passion and support you give everyone is insane, and never fails to surprise me! I admire how much you have been through, and always have come out so strong. We have created the best memories and i am so proud of you! ‘thats our happy place and i refuse to let it be destroyed’ such a strong quote from a strong girl, and it is one of our happiest places, and one of the reasons i had met you. Thank you for forever being there for me!! xx


Jess trog:

What can i say about Jess. Such a strong lady, with a strong personality. I am so proud of the way you have handled so many things, and you are truly such an amazing friend to have. The amount of love i have for you is crazy, and i am super happy you are in my life! to the selfies, the drunken videos, to the gigs, i have created so many special memories with you! You are the life and soul of the party, and i love you forever xx

I miss you loads girl:( I’ll never forget where i first met Emma, it was at a Gary caprani gig, and we were waiting outside the gig, and just started chatting. That was back in October 2015, and it is crazy how many other memories have been created. You are such an amazing friend to have, and i need to see you again! Thank you for everything. ‘HOW MANY LETTERS’ xx

Garry Caprani Gig!

The Artists: 
Franklin Lake:

one of the first gigs i went to was to see the boys. It is crazy how i have been supporting them since 2013! Tay+Jude never fail to make me proud, with the amount of work they put in! everytime i see them, they are always laughing with their fans, and it is so amazing to see. With the boys, you get this new found energy you have never seen before, and without them half the confidence i have now, maybe wouldn’t have been there. They are such amazing boys, and put in every bit of work, to make their dream a reality! Order glad we met here:  geni.us/GladWeMet I have made some of the best memories at a franklin lake gig, and the best memories with them as well!!


Chase Blake:

This boy puts in so much work and i am super proud of him always! The remixes he has been doing every sunday, has been amazing, and i love every single of  his remixes! youtube.com/chaseblake01 You have forever been there for me since day 1, and i will never forget the times you have been there for me. I have created so many memories with you over the 2 years i have known you. and it is crazy the journey you have been on! Missing you always, but continue to smash it, because i am so proud! 

A Hug can fix so many things! soccer six
Charity event!
Sammy Clay:
super proud of Sammy. I first started supporting Sammy at the end of 2016, and what an amazing start to 2017, he has done! Sammy is one of the most talented and most loveliest boys you will meet. i only met sammy at blue moon for the first time, and the positive energy goes onto you, and he has such  a lovely personality! Spotify: Sammy Leighton Clay. His new song always is one of my favourite songs, and i love it!


‘From the one love concert last night, i remember hearing the quote ‘don’t go forward in anger, love spreads’ I have never heard truer words! The attack made me realise that life is too short, and you should forever cherish your friends and the most amazing memories you create, and tell them how much you love them!!!

Hope you enjoyed the blog post,

Heaven gained 22 angels, they will never be forgottenXxx

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