I turned 20

Heya Guys,
Image result for birthday 20I turned 20 yesterday (17th June) and i can’t believe i am 20? Like, how? I have been on this planet for 2 decades and it feels so crazy. Being on this planet for 20 years has taught me so much over the years, but lets have a chat about what i got up to for my birthday:

so yesterday, it was such a beautiful day, it was around 29 degrees, and i couldn’t have asked for better weather. I went to southend for the day as i love the sea side, and as it was such a lovely day, it was nice to get out and about. We also went to an all you can eat Chinese buffet, which was insane, and had a couple of drinks. I love chinese so it was delicious. 

I didn’t know what i actually wanted for my birthday this year, so i only asked for money and vouchers and some makeup items, which was all lovely. I think when you are older you don’t really know what to ask for, so you just want money and vouchers..

what have i learnt?
I have learnt so much in 20 years about so many things. 

-Slow down and enjoy it- I am always trying to rush things and i have learnt enjoy what you are doing right now, as it is the best time to be in-the present.
-Plans and people change- even the people who you thought would be around forever, it doesn’t always work like that, let them leave, and move on to bigger and better things!
-Say yes to more things: defiantly, if you don’t say yes, you can’t ask yourself what if

My goals at 20:
do some more exploring
-Make some more memories
-Enjoy everything you do!
– Capture the moments!

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and made my birthday even more special. 

Love Amyx

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