How to get over the blogging slump!

Hey Guys,
I am going to write a blog post, about how to get out of the blogging slump! My last blog post was 18th June, and i had a bit of a blogger break. I am a believer in don’t try and do something you’re not in the mood to do, as it could make it less fun for you in the long run! I didn’t want to stop enjoying doing blog posts, as i love it, so i decided to take a lil break, but i am back now! I have a whole lotta blog posts for you all planned, and scheduled!

So, if you are reading this, because you are in a bit of a blogging slump, then read my top tips!
Have a break
Like i said in my intro, having a break is so much better, than forcing blog posts. I always find the quality of the blog posts are so important, like giving your blog a revamp, or including pretty pictures in your blog posts, over the quantity of the amount of blog posts you have up! If your blog posts quality is good, then people will want to read them more. When i have a break, i want to start blogging again, and i have more things to blog about!

Write all your ideas down:
If you have ideas, you should write them down. it doesn’t matter, if they are out of order, as if you have an idea, you will begin to get more ideas. What i tend to do, is open a new blog post template, and start writing my ideas down, and put them in headings, and that way, when i have another idea, i can just refer back to my draft. 

organisation is key!
I have an iphone, so what i did, is i started to put blog posts into different days, on my calendar, and this gave me the motivation and the goal, to when i would be putting that blog post up. I started writing my posts in the order i wanted them to go up, and i have now wrote all of my July blog posts. Organisation is defiantly key in my life, so when i am more organised, the  more ideas i tend to have!

Inspiration is defiantly another good idea. I like to get my inspiration from the trending blog posts, so i know what people are liking reading. I also get it from tumblr, pintrest and other bloggers. 

Other bloggers:
I always read blog posts, and if i like it, i will get ideas from what i want to write about, and what blog content i should be writing. I think, if i like reading this blog post, why am i not writing about this kind of thing on my blog.

That’s my top tips for today, if you have any top tips, don’t forget to share these tips, in the comment section! It may help me and other people as well, who are in the blogging slump!


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