Holiday hand luggage checklist!

Hey Guys,
it is nearly holiday season, when everyone is jetting off abroad, and it is so hot! I want to write a blog post on what i think and what i pack for a holiday abroad in my hand luggage:
Hand Luggage:
The hand luggage will only be basic and only contain a few accessories and things you may need for the plane: 

♡Boarding pass and passport: Obviosuly the essential to be able to get out of the country, and be able to check in for your flight!
♡Headphones: i love listening to my headphones on the plane, as i can listen to music or watch a programme and not disturb anyone else on the plane. I just take my apple earphones, as they are small, and don’t take up any room, which is handy!

♡ Deoadrant: Another must, if you are sitting on a plane, it may not be the nicest smell! I just take a travel sized deodrant with me!

♡Lip Balm: After a flight, your lips will begin to get dehydrated and it won’t feel nice, so having a lip balm, will help be able to rehydrate the lips, and make them feel nice. 

♡ Spare clothes: it has happened not me fortuantly, but if they lose your case, you will want to change! So, i pack 1 bikini and 1 outfit to get me by!

♡Phone: My phone is literally an essential, to be able to do so much on, so this comes in my hand luggage

♡money: If you want to go to duty free or round the other shops in the airport you’re going to need to have some money, so i just pack some money in a little purse for my hand luggage.

♡Medication: Essential if you need any medication, it is easy to access and you know if you need it, it isn’t in your suitcase!

♡Pen: When you’re on the flight, you may need to fill out forms for migration, so having a spare pen, will help, so you don’t have to wait for a pen.

♡snacks: I love having snacks on the plane. I get them at the airport, and just put them in my hand luggage. I like to pack sweets, mints and some crisps, in case i get peckish on the plane..

♡Face wipes: Just to give my skin that little rehydrate and this will make me feel refreshed, by having my face wipes with me!

Hope you enjoyed!

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