Summer outfits for different occasions!

heya Guys,
I want to do a summer outfit blog post! England isn’t going through the best of summers at the moment, it has been pretty dull, but to lighten the mood here are 5 summer outfits I have seen online and love! let’s get into it…

*All titles below the picture goes to the link*

Beach look:
so the beach look is the cutest look! it is carefree, but can also look very fashionable, and it’s all very flowy. 

I have found these blue high waisted ripped denim shorts, the rips are so in right now, and denim shorts you can’t go wrong with on the beach, so i found these on boohoo. They also have the frayed edges, and they look very boho/chic!


I found a bardot top in white, which would go perfect with the denim shorts. I love how flowy it is, and bardot tops and lace are so on trend . I also love how pretty it is, but it looks simple! This is from new look!

Blue Vanilla White Lace Bardot Neck Top  | New Look

I love a good pair of flip flops, so i found these ones from accessorize and they are so pretty. They are very simple, but also paired with the top and the denim shorts, they look glam. They are in a metallic silver colour. 


Summer wedding:

It is of course the wedding season, so if you are going to a wedding, i have found these outfits!

i love this dress, it looks so lovely, and i love the blush pink colour it has! Perfect for a wedding guest!


I found these shoes from ASOS, they are so pretty! They have a little bow and peep toe, and they look very dainty. They would look lovely and go with this dress!

I couldn’t copy and paste the picture but link here

I have also found a nude diamante clutch bag, that would look lovely with the dress and the shoes. This is from QUIZ!

Summer holiday evening:
if you are on holiday, the evenings may be a bit more chillier but also very humid:

I love white outfits in the summer, so i found this white lace up strap playsuit on inthestyle, and i am in love with it! it will look nice if you are going out for a drink, or dinner, or just walking beside the beach. 

again, couldn’t copy and paste the image, but the link: PLAYSUIT
Sandals to go with the lovely playsuit, i found from, inthestyle again, so no image. they are the rose gold metallic block sandals. I love these!!! link here: SANDALS
By the pool:
I have found this lovely black bikini. It is a high neck bikini, and also a high waisted bikini bottoms, with criss cross detailing on it. So simple, but so so nice! This was from missguided.


Summer day wear:
if you are meeting up with a friend, going to a picnic, i have found the outfit for you!

I have found this lovely white denim skirt! this is so on trend, and especially with the frayed detailing at the bottom, it looks so nice! It is from topshop!


i have found this cute little off the shoulder top from new look, and it is casual, but looks so nice paired with the denim skirt!
White Stripe Bardot Neck Crop Top | New Look

i have found these cute white trainers from H&M to go with the casual summer day outfit:

Platform trainers - White - Ladies | H&M GB

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