Youtuber Favourites!

Hey guys,

I have been obsessed with youtube in July/August, as i have more time to catch up on youtube, as i haven’t been as busy! i have also found some new youtubers as well, so here are my youtuber favourites!

What a gem this lovely lady is! I love her videos, and she is one of the youtubers i have recently discovered! I feel so connected to her, and feel like i know her. She shares makeup and lifestyle tips! Also she has story times, which are the best storytimes i have heard. They are so personal to her, but honestly she is one of them people that have such an infectious personality. Imogen is so bubbly and after 1 video, she felt like my new best friend! I would defiantly recommend her channel to anyone! go subscribe, she’s brilliant!!

Image result for imogenation

Another one i recently discovered. i have been loving and obsessing over her makeup tutorials. The way she does her makeup is flawless, and she honestly seems like such a nice person. She does a variety of makeup and lifestyle videos! I followed along when doing my makeup today, and all of her tips and tricks really helped me! I would defiantly go and watch and subscribe to Jordan! 

Image result for jordan lipscombe

I have only recently discovered Rosanna! She weekly vlogs, and i love them! They are so random, but they are such nice vlogs to watch, whilst relaxing! If you are into fitness, i would defiantly give Rosanna a watch, as she does a lot of fitness videos, which motivates me so much! She seems like such a down to earth person! 
Image result for rosanna pierce

I have been watching Hannah for a long time now, i think maybe 2 years now, and i have been loving her videos. From her makeup tutorials, to favourites and to her vlogs, i love the style of editing her videos are. They are very chatty (which i love!) She has such a lovely lovely charisma about her. I would defiantly recommend watching her stripped down videos, if you are a new viewer, as this gives you a real insight into Hannah’s life! 
Image result for hannah renee

Grace Victory:
Wow, what a fiery, sassy, lovely, lady! She is the star of youtube 100%. she has done so many exciting projects such as bbc3 documentary, and her new book, no filter! Grace’s youtube videos are so raw, but you also get such an insight into her life. I feel you watch 1 video, and you already know her. she is the big sister on the internet. she stands up to what she believes in, and we all need that in our lives now and again! She is such a role model to young teenagers all the way up to adults! i love her content! 
Image result for grace victory 2017

Another one who i have been watching for some time now! i love Brogan’s weekly vlogs (every monday 6pm!) She is such a lovely lady, and  i am so jealous in the fact she lives in Bournemouth aaaah! If you love disney, you will love Brogan, as she does a lot of disney themed videos and also a lot of packing videos. I feel she is one of them people who i would just get on with! love, love, love Brogan!!!!  

Image result for brogan tate

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