JackInTheVlogs Youtube Interview!

Hey Guys,
So i had the pleasure of working with Jack from Jackinthevlogs, and i asked if i could interview him for my blog! He was recently in my favourite youtubers part 2 blog post, and i would defiantly check him out: https://www.youtube.com/user/GFMTV4 
His recent video is linked down below, if you just select recent video, it will take you to the link!


-Why did you start youtube? I started because i liked seeing the community side and i had always struggled with confidence, anxiety and being bullied so i thought i’d start a youtube channel to try help people! 

-What goals do you want to hit youtube wise? my goal is 10 – 100k views and to be invited to youtube events like vidcon / summer in the city and to have a big community of friends and fans. 

– What is the best comment on a video that you have received? ohh that’s a tough one probably ‘”your like the british Casey Neistat’  or “you should be called the coffee connoisseur’

-Favourite youtube video you’ve uploaded? this is a tough one urmmm … probably the bean boozled challenge with my nan

-Crazy youtube moments you’ve had? Probably being approached by fans. 

-Favourite memory from a youtube event? the after parties are always my favourite memories

-Any tips for any new youtubers or people that want to start creating content? always support other people , don’t be a dick lol , create videos that you enjoy , approach small youtubers and try find meet ups that are going on 

-Favourite youtubers? MrBenBrown , Steve Booker , Will Darbyshire , Tomska , Dodie 

-What does your username mean? it’s basically a pun of jack in the box and vlogs

-Best thing about youtube? probably the community that’s the main reason why I joined

-worst thing about youtube? Jake Paul… also diss tracks and drama

-How long have you been on youtube and have you had any other youtube channels? roughly 4 years , I had a channel but I deleted it by accident before my current channel , I also have a gaming channel that I don’t upload to. 

-What message are you trying to get across to your viewers? If someone who had anxiety and wasn’t confident can make videos then anyone can also if you’ve been bullied in life you can overcome it no matter what .

Your biggest dream as a youtuber?  Probably to make people happy and have a impact on someones life either by making them smile or giving them advice  

SITC playlist from 2014-2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-uHLM5mtU0&list=PLsg1_UJIkkSZegkoK8MLqicoQxS0Zz2Ql

Thank you so much to Jack for letting me interview him! Such a nice person, and was so lovely and speedy when coming to reply to my questions. Jack is currently trying to look for someone to collab with, so if you are a youtuber then all social media links will be left below!

Twitter: @JackInTheVlogs
instagram: @JackInTheVlogs
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/GFMTV4 

Thanks for reading.

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