Youtuber favourites part 2

Hi Guys,
i loved sharing with you my youtuber favourites, and i hope you enjoyed discovering some new youtubers to watch! Here is another youtuber favourites part 2

known this boy quite a long time now, and such a lovely lad he is, that also has some amazing content! he recently went to SITC, and he vlogged them days! As i didn’t go to SITC, it was nice to see some vlogs from the event! He is currently looking for someone to collab with so tweet him @jackinthevlogs if you are interested! I would defiantly subscribe to Jack if you are into vlogs!

Image result for jackinthevlogs

love watching Jess’s vlogs and videos. i loved watching her weekly vlogs, as they were such relaxing vlogs to watch! I love watching her videos, and also if you are interested in uni, or you are going to uni Jess has some amazing uni videos, that are worth the watch! 

Image result for jdrmakeup
i recently discovered Leah, and she is such a bubbly, funny person. Leah does random chatty hauls, makeup tutorials, grwm’s and also weekly vlogs which i love watching her vlogs! Leah seems like a person who i would love to meet! I would defiantly recommend anyone to go and subscribe to Leah!!
Image result for leah turner youtube
How could i do a favourites video and not include Lucy and Lydia! 2 lovely twins, who film all makeup, lifestyle and beauty and even some vlogs! I love Lucy+Lydia’s channel! They have such infectious personalities! I love their disney vlogs and i am so jealous!!! but their style of editing is insane!! 

Image result for lucy and lydia
i have been obsessed with Zoella’s vlogs recently (i mean who hasn’t) everytime she uploads a vlog, all of a sudden i drop everything to watch the vlog. i love how long Zoe’s vlogs are, but y’know them vlogs where you just want to keep skipping, with Zoe’s i never skip any of the vlogs. I am obsessed with them. I cannot wait for her vlogmas this year! I love Zoe’s way of editing and filming videos. I am also going to be getting my hands on that new lifestyle range, it looks amazing! 
Image result for zoella
I love Anastasia’s vlogs! I loved her videos, and ever since she has made a vlogging channel, i have also been obsessed with the vlog channel. i LOVE how laid back and chilled her style of vlogging is, it makes you feel like you are a part of her life. i defiantly would recommend her vlogging channel and also main channel. She uploads her vlogs everyday at 6pm! 

Image result for floral princess vlogs

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