New blogger tips

Heya Guys,

So i have been blogging for 2 and a half years now- including the little break i had and i LOVE it! I thought you guys would like to hear about my top tips if you are starting out blogging!

Starting a blog can be scary, but it is also exciting. It is a way of getting your ideas out there and also making blogger friends also!!


First of all you will need a name. Your name will need to stand out and be original. The blog name will be able to link to your blog and also give the audience a hint to what your blog is about! lifestyle and cookies, i write about lifestyle, but i love cookies;)

Your blogging platform: You will need a blogging platform to start doing your blogs. I love blogger as it is free and it is easy to use. I know a lot of people who use wordpress but personally never got the hang of it. Some people use squarespace, but this entails a monthly cost which i would not recommend until you are sure you like blogging and know that you are going to stick to it!

What kind of blog do you want your blog to be: This is important as this will help you when writing blog ideas. The list is endless to what you want your blog to be and i managed to choose 3 things i wanted to write about:Beauty, fashion and lifestyle. You can choose to be a mummy blogger, food blogger, DIY’s, food, games or business! The list is endless and you can be as creative as you would like to be!

Organise your blogs and have a schedule: This is important as you can write a list of blog ideas and space them out. It is good to have an idea about what blog post you want do and then you won’t make hardly any mistakes. Also choose a day you want to do your blog posts on and upload them. This will make sure that your readers know what day to look out for that blog post! My upload days are a Wednesday (unless doing a week long posts!)

Your target audience: Know who you want to target your blog towards. Do you want it to be towards families, teenagers, business people. Once you know who your target audience is, it will help you produce the content and make it much easier writing it, as you know who you are writing it too!

I hope you enjoy my blog post! 
Amy x

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