Advice: If you don’t get the results you expected:

Hey Guys,
I hope you are super happy with all your results, and congratulations for getting into sixth form or college! You all deserve it! But, we all know that some people don’t get the results they wanted or they expected, so here are some tips: 

Talk to your teachers: 
Your teachers are like your best people on that day. you can talk to them about alternative routes or colleges. Some people may get there results by phone, email or text, but it is best if you do still go into school, as your teachers are able to give you advice about your results.

Sixth form-college:
If you don’t get into sixth form, as you haven’t got the grades that have been asked, don’t panic. This is what happened to me, but luckily i did enrol onto a college course just in case my first option didn’t work out. If you didn’t get into sixth form, and you know what course you want to study, get yourself down to a college, and see what they say about enrolling you onto a course in September, they are super helpful! They will choose a level, which is more suitable to you!

Work hard:
If you do get accepted onto sixth form, work hard! They will ask you to resit the gcse again, to see if you are able to get the grade you need to get. If you do this, they will be able to give you a place on the second year of sixth form. They still may offer you a place, but change subjects or courses around to make sure you can pass this. Keep working hard, to get to where you want to be. 

Keep working hard, and you’ll get to where you want to be!

Best of luck,
Amy xx

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