How to organise your school/college bag? #BTS

Hey Guys,
I am going to give you some tips on how to organise your school or college bag. When i was at school, i would cram everything in, bar the essential parts! So, here we go.. 

💝Look at your timetable: You don’t need every school book or text book, that you own in your school bag. Look at your timetable and see what lessons you have, and only pack the textbooks or school books you actually need. I also like the idea, of putting them in order of each lesson, as you won’t be trying to look for them, but they will already be in order. 

Image result for cute timetable

💝Notebook: Note taking is so important, and you have all your notes in one place, so you don’t get them lost.

Image result for notebook

💝Folder: I have little folders, for every lesson/units that i am studying, so i am not always carrying around a big folder with me. It is also good for organisation, as i have different colour folders for each unit, so i know what folder i need for which day!

Image result for a5 ring binder

💝Pencil case: Pencil case is so important to have, with all your pens, pencils, ruler, felts and memory sticks. At school, i used to carry this in my blazer pocket, but now i much prefer having them all in the same place, and having all my stationary together, to make sure they are where i have put them. 

Image result for marble pencil case

💝 Girl bits: I have a little purse from the Zoella collection, and this is the perfect size, to put pads, hairbands, little deodorant in. It doesn’t take much space up in your bag, but you know all the essentials you may need are in there. You also may have a friend covered as well. 

Image result for zoella purse

💝 Purse: If you don’t have lunch, or you sometimes go out shopping, you can carry a purse around. A purse may take up a lot of room, so i have a little card pouch to put some cash in or my card, so i am not without money, and if i needed to get home, or get something to eat i would be able to!

Image result for rose gold card holder

💝Bottle of water: You will need to stay hydrated!!

Of course, everyone has different ways of having their school bag, and i don’t put makeup in my bag, as i don’t want it to get ruined, and i don’t have much time to put it on during the day!

Hope you enjoyed

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