How to prepare for going back to school? #BTS

Hey Guys,
It is nearly that time where people are going back to school, college or uni! I am going back to college, for my last year eeek! Here are some my top tips to prepare for going back!

✎ Start your morning routine: A week before i am due to go back to college, i will start to do my morning routine, so i get used to it. I can’t have a late night and then go to bed late. So a week before, what i tend to do is, start going to bed at a good time, and start waking up earlier. 

✎ To do list: You should make a list of things you need to buy for the new year and what coursework or homework you need to do!

✎ Get your things ready the night before: I waste about an hour trying to find all my stationary, finding an outfit, and picking what makeup look i want to go for. The night before, you should pack all your bag, get your outfit chosen and lay all your makeup out on your desk, this will stop you rushing in the morning.

✎ Eat breakfast and drink: You should eat a good breakfast before going to school or college, just because it will make you have more energy. I tend to eat toast, cereal or porridge! I always drink a glass of apple juice or sometimes a smoothie.

✎  Plan: Before i go, i try and plan my journey. I plan what time my bus is, and how long it will take me. I also make sure i use my earphones, as i love just having that time to myself, before getting back into college. 

✎ Use your teachers: You should make sure to use your teachers for help, advice and any useful tips. This will make you feel more prepared for the school year ahead, and you will know where you want to get too!

I hope this helps you,
Amy x

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