Chase Blake ‘Aladdin remix’

Hey Guys,
I’m back with a Chase Blake blog post.
He has recently come out, with his Aladdin remix, and i am loving it!!! This song has such a bop to it, and also uniqueness. Again, with the R&B mix to it, it brings the ultimate buzz to it. Chase has smashed the remix scene, since bursting onto it! He began to post his remixes on his youtube channel, and now he is soundclouding it up. I have listened to the original of this from not3s, and i prefer the Chase one, any day (defiantly not being biased) Chase had added his quirkiness to it, and i love the beat to it. It makes me want to go and party hard after listening to this. This remix has defiantly got the potential to be his best remix, but you never know with Chase, he brings out some cracking remixes! 
85 people have checked out this song on his soundcloud, and i defiantly think it should be a higher number, because what a tune! So, defiantly check it out, share it around, hashtag #AladdinFlex, to get the word around. The song has been stuck in my head since i have listened to it, and it defiantly suits Chase’s voice and style of remix, because you can change it around, and the beat defiantly suits the song, and what pace Chase is singing.

Chase has done a lot of remixes over on youtube:


Addison Lee remix

I cannot wait to hear what Chase has got to offer, as 2017 has been his year! Keep the remixes coming, i’m so proud of you x. 


Chase’s socials: 


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