What to watch on netflix?

Heya Guys,
I love netflix, and i love binge watching! As i have 2 days off of my college schedule at the moment, i have had a lot of time to watch netflix.

1. Gossip girl: I have watched gossip girl before, but i have decided to rewatch it! Gossip girl follows teenagers on upper east side and theres rollercoasters of romances and a whole lot of secrets. So much drama and so many secrets. This show is such a good show, i 100% recommend this. 

2. Riverdale: I have only recently gotten into riverdale, after all the hype. It is about a when one twin dies, the whole of riverdale begins to investigate into the death. It starts in September and it is a new school year, new friendships and mysteries of what happened… 

3. Cheer squad: I love the series of cheer squad. It follows the girls of the great white sharks and their journey. They all struggle with the balance of studying, training, work and relationships. Would defiantly recommend if you enjoy cheerleading. 

4. Chasing Cameron: Another netflix series i love. I love Cameron Dallas, so i have bingewatched this show from the beginning. It is about Cameron and his lifestyle behind the scenes of tours and his off days.

5. Just my luck: Love this film. This film has Lindsey Lohan in it, and it is so funny! It is about a girl who has all the luck in the world, but when she kisses a boy, the guy steals her luck. Such a good film! 

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