How to get ready for an early morning!

Heya guys,
I am back at college, which means early mornings! I always find myself rushing in the morning or feeling too tired to do anything, but I know I have college! But, sometimes I enjoy these early mornings, as the sun is rising and I feel I can get more done!

  1. Plan the night before: The night before I look at what lessons I have, and then I pack my bag. I get my lunch ready as well, so I’m not preparing it in the morning. I always choose my outfit the night before, so I know what I am going to wear. I always lay my clothes out as well, so I’m not rushing to find the outfit. This means I have more time to scroll through my social media and message people back. 
  2. Head start: Now i have done this, i have more of a head start. I like to make use of this headstart, by making sure I have everything in my bag and checking through my assignment one last time. If i have enough time, i will also write a list of what blog post ideas i have in mind to do.
  3. Go to the gym: If I get up early, I go to the gym. This is usually on my days off or on the weekends, where i have plenty of time. I like going to the gym in the morning, as I have got it over and done with and I have the whole day to do other things I plan to do!
  4. Having a cup of tea: I love having a cup of tea in the morning, as it headstarts my day. This makes me feel more energised and I enjoy watching the TV and having a cup of tea on my early mornings!

Hope you enjoyed,

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