Intro to blogtober #Blogtober1

Hello Guys,
Welcome to my first Blogtober! This is where i can share my different blog post ideas every day with you for 31 days! I am super excited to be able to do this!!

What is Blogtober?
Blogtober is where you blog for 31 days about anything you want to blog about. I have done Blogmas in the past, and i loved doing it! It makes you want to start blogging more.

What will my Blogtober conclude of?
My Blogtober will conclude of tags, about me’s, beauty, fashion, movies and all jazz!

  • One Blogpost must go up every day (They will go up at 7pm) 
Image result for october

I can’t wait to start doing Blogtober, as October is my 2nd fave month (December is my 1st) but y’know! I can’t wait to see if i can succeed in this!

See you tomorrow,
Amy x

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