About me! #BlogtoberDay2

Heya Guys,
Welcome to Blogtober day 2! I am going to do an about me, just so you can get to know me more! Whether you are a new reader or an old reader, i hope you enjoy this post!

So I am Amy and i am a 20-year-old, living in England (no I have never met the queen)! I am a college student doing Health and Social care, whilst running this blog, which has been running since 2014! I love all things youtube, blogging, netflix and a good cup of tea! On this blog, i write all things lifestyle, fashion, beauty and personal updates! I try to upload every week, usually on a Wednesday at 7pm! 

Why is your blog called ‘lifestyle and cookies’:
I blog all things lifestyle and i love cookies, so i thought my url would be that, and of course the title is Amy, and that is my name!

How did you create your blog?:
I use blogger, and i designed different templates, and got inspiration from other bloggers! 

Do you have an email to contact?
Yes i do,

Can i send a product to review?
Of course you can, i would love to review products! If you email and tell me more, i would defianly be up for a chat about it!

How tall are you?

When is your birthday?
17th June!

Happy 2nd Blogtober!

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