My favourite movies! #BlogtoberDay3

Helloo&Welcome to Blogtober Day 3: 
I am a sucker for movies, and i am going to add a halloween movie into this, considering it is Blogtober!

1. Hocus Pocus: Hands down, the best Halloween movie! Hocus Pocus is about a brother and sister who move, and discover an abandoned house. They meet a new friend Allison, and she tells them a story, but they dismiss the story. Now, Max uncovers witches, that used to live in the house. With the help  of a magical cat, they need to steal the book! Love this film and always have done!

2. Halloweentown: Another halloween favourite! When this girl finds out that she is the witch, she is the one that has to save the town from these supernatural creatures! I love this film!!!

3. Joe and Caspar hit the road USA: i love the sequel to the first film! This is about Joe and Caspar going round the USA, and they have to work to get money in order for them to get back home! They are competing in dares and challenges, whilst travelling 2,000 miles round the USA! Defiantly a comedy!

4. angus thongs and perfect snogging: Who’s favourite isn’t this? I loved this film! I read all of the books, and loved them! It is about a teenage girl called Georgia, who tries to get with Robbie, one half of the twin! Georgia is a typical teen, getting herself into embarrassing situations! I love this film, such a feel good film to watch! 

5. Wildchild: Again, love this film! This is about a teen named Poppy, who has an unlimited credit card and has a spoilt attitude. Her Dad has enough, and decides to send Poppy to England where she will go to boarding school. Poppy meets a stern teacher and all the students, who don’t tolerate her attitude!

Hope you enjoyed, 

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