Happy Birthday Dominique! #BlogtoberDay5

Hellooo&welcome to blogtober day 5!
It is one of my best friends birthday’s today, Dominique! Dominique is now 21, and eeek it’s all so exciting!

Happy birthday Dom, I hope you have such a special day as you deserve it so much! You have been through so, so much, but come out even stronger and a beautiful person, with a beautiful heart! 

I remember first meeting you in 2015, and didn’t know what to say to you haha! I remember feeling so nervous as I hadn’t really been to many meet ups before then, and i never believed that we would ever be this close now! Even at 21, we all know some things can change so unexpectedly! There will always be so many people cheering you on, and i will be forever on your crazy journeys. I hope this year now you have turned 21, is the year you laugh, love and learn a lot! You have been there for me, when others haven’t and i’m so glad we are such close friends. We have created amazing memories that i will forever cherish🌟 Here’s to more memories being created! I’m going to make this blog post short and sweet, as i have already probably sent you a long paragraph!!

I hope you have such a fab day, and i hope all your birthday wishes come true!!!
I’ll see you very soon!

Love always,
Amy x

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