My Cosy evening routine! #BlogtoberDay7

Hellooo&welcome to Blogtober Day 7:

I am here with a blog post about how to get cosy! Now the weather is colder, and it feels like Autumn time, i am going to share with you, how i like to get cosy!

  • Light candles: I love lighting candles, as it really gives you that cosy, relaxing feel which i love to feel. Lighting candles to me is the best way to get cosy!
  • Have a bubble Bath: I love having a bubble bath, especially a lush bubble bath! Lush baths are the best. I love having a long soak in the bath, and reflecting on my day! It makes me feel so relaxed. 
  • Grab a snack: I love to have snacks with me when i am having a cosy evening! Crisps, sweets, yogurt and fruit, anyone of those just to make me feel cosy.
  • Hot chocolate: These are the months where i love to make a hot chocolate and just cosy up into bed with my hot chocolate, especially with marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles.
  • Get into bed: I love getting into bed after a long day at college and getting all cosy, and tucked up into bed!
  • Blankets: Blankets are the best things to ever exist, i just snuggle up into my blanket, and i am set for the evening!
  • Put on Youtube: I love going through my youtube subscriptions, and catching up on some youtube! I love when Zoella uploads, as i know it is going to be a long vlog! I love watching videos and long vlogs!
  • Netflix: Again, love a bit of netflix! I am currently watching Gossip girl again from the beginning, and i love watching this!
  • Lights out, candles out!

Love Amyx

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