Best Blogger Apps! #BlogtoberDay10

Hellooo&welcome to Blogtober Day 9:
I am going to share with you some of the apps I use and other bloggers tend to use!

1. Twitter- I love twitter. I am always on twitter, whether for tweeting, scrolling or getting some blog inspo, i am always on it. I love interacting with readers and other bloggers! Twitter is just fabbbb!

2. Instagram- Again, i love instagram. I love posting some cute photos, or photos of my day, and looking for some inspo from other instagrammers. 

Snapchat: I love snapchatting my day, or when i have a blog post going up, i put it onto my story, and you can just swipe up, and there it is:

Blogging essentials:

4. Pintrest: I love pintrest, this is because i have found some amazing blog inspo! If i have writers block, i will go onto pintrest and i will find some inspo there! I can also go onto pintrest and put my own blog posts up there!

 Followers+: i love this app as it tells me who has followed and unfollowed me!

Instasize: Instasize is a blessing in disguise! When i can’t add a picture to instagram i use instasize to crop it, and you can also edit photos, such a good app!

Hope this helps you out!
Amy x

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