top 5 songs i have been loving #BlogtoberDay11

Helloooo&welcome to blogtober Day 10:

I am going to share with you my top 5 songs
Sam Smith- Too good at goodbyes: I love this song, he has such emotion in his voice, and the lyrics are so relateable!

2. Franklin Lake- The tide: I love this song and the video! These boys have smashed it again with the tide! I love the lyrics, the beat, the video! Well done Tay and Jude, completely smashed it! The video will be below:

3. Little mix-power: I love this song! This song has such a good beat, and it makes you feel all sassy. I love listening to this song, as it makes me feel powerful and strong. 

4. Chase Blake- Had to add Chase into this! Even though he has had loads of songs after this, my favourite is still I’m the one. This song is such a tune, and when Chase remixed this, it was such an amazing beat. Love jamming to this, and i love the spin he has done on the original. 

5. Demi Lovato-sorry not sorry: Ever since i have heard this song, i have fallen in love with it. This song is such a female boss song, like if you have a break up, you know this song is going to be relatable. Love thisss!

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