A-Z Facts about me/ Things i love! #BlogtoberDay14

Hey Guys,
It’s Friday 14th I hope you have had a fab day! Welcome to Blogtober Day 14, i can’t believe i have been blogging for 13 days straight… Today i am bringing you, A-Z facts about me! Enjoy 

A- A is for Amy. My best friend, she is such an amazing best friend to me and i love her so much!

B- B is for blogging. I love blogging, it is my favourite thing to do! 

C- C is for Crisps, i love crisps, yum!

D- D is for Dominique. One of my other best friends, who i am forever grateful for.

E- E is for emojis! I don’t think there’s a day that passes where i don’t use emojis. I love emojis!

F- F is for family. I love my family so much and i am so grateful for my family.

G- G is for google. Google has literally saved me in terms of basically… EVERYTHING!

H- H is for hot weather. I love the hot weather, and just being in hot weather, makes my mood improve so much more.

I- I is for iphone. I literally can’t live without my phone, i tweet off it, instagram off it!

J- J is for Jayde. Jayde sadly passed away April 11th 2017, and i am forever proud of her and she has inspired so many people, to go for their dreams. Sweet dreams, angel x

K- K is for Kem from love island! I mean who doesn’t love Kem?

L- L is for laughing. I love laughing and being in a good mood. 

M- M is for Mum. I love my Mumma so much, she is my number 1 fan.

N- N is for Naps. I live for napping, especially after a long day at college. 

O- O is for Overthinking. I always overthink every little thing, i hate it!

P- P is for Pizza. I mean i love pizza?

Q- Q is for quotes. I love reading quotes and getting motivated.

R- R is for reading. I love to read when i get the time, and get lost in a good book.

S- S is for saturdays. I love Saturdays, 2 day weekend!

T- T is for Tea. I love a good cup of tea!

U- U is for USA. I have been to florida, but i love America so much. I really want to do a trip around USA.

V- V is for Vlogs. I love watching people’s vlogs, as i love to snuggle up under the duvet. 

W- wifi! I love having wifi near by, especially as i can publish blog posts and also scroll through social media.

x- x is for x-rays. when i was little, i was forever clumsy!

Y- Youtube- 100% I love youtube. Youtube for me is better than TV. I am always watching youtube.

z- Zoella- I love watching Zoella’s vlogs, especially because they’re so long. I love these!

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