pamper evening routine #BlogtoberDay15

Helloooo& welcome to Blogtober Day 15!

I love having a good ol’ pamper evening in Autumn, so today i am going to share with you my pamper routine:

The first thing i do, is draw my curtains and make my room all cosy. I make sure to charge my laptop and choose a show to watch on netflix, and make sure to have a blanket near by!

What i tend to do, is my skin care first. I love taking off my makeup, especially when it has been on all day! To take my makeup off i use the simple wipes to take off my makeup. Then i use the Garnier miceller water with the cotton pads, to make sure all my makeup is off. I usually go in with the body shop cleansing butter and this makes your skin super soft and it really cleanses your skin.. After this, it’s washing hair time!

Hair wash:
To wash my hair, i use the herbal essences shampoo this one is the ignite my colour. I love using this shampoo, as it really makes my hair feel soft, and the colour comes out even more. I also use the herbal essences conditioner and this smells like coconut, i love this. Then it’s onto bath time..

I love taking a bath on my pamper night. The bath products i usually use is the Zoella Snowella bubble bath i love this, it smells amazing. This makes your bath full of bubbles and i completely love it. I also use a lush bath bomb, to make some more colours. As it is Autumn, i tend to go for the sparkly pumpkin one, as it creates gold glitter in your bath. I also shave my legs in the bath, i shave my legs with the Soap and glory scrub of your life as the base. 

After my bath, i moisturise my body with the body shop vitamin E moisturiser this is incredible. It makes your skin feel super soft and i love it. I also love using the Zoella Gelato body pudding and this smells lovely and it makes your skin feel so refreshed.

Blowdry my hair!
This is when i blowdry my hair, as it makes it feel less knotty and more straighter. I love blowdrying my hair!

This is the day i change my pyjamas and get into clean, fresh pyjamas. i love putting my dressing gown on as well.

I love watching Netflix. As i am in the ‘Christmas’ mood, i tend to just watch Christmas movies and i have watched the new episode of riverdale and i love it!

Lights out!
Amy x

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