Youtubers i’ve been loving #BlogtoberDay17

Helloooo&welcome to Blogtober day 17,

I am going to be sharing with you my favourite youtubers:

I love Zoella’s vlog channel, i always tend to go back and watch Zoella’s vlogs, as they are so long and so cosy. I know her vlogs are going to be long, so i always grab myself a few snacks and a cup of tea. 

Recent Vlog:

Mark Ferris:
I love Mark, he is such an amazing youtuber. I love how down to earth he is. Mark has currently moved into his new flat, so there are a lot of homey vlogs, which i love. I have been loving his vlogs since he has began to vlog!

Recent Vlog: 

Beauty Spectrum:
I love Molly’s vlogs and videos. I love her beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos. She vlogs every week, and i love these weekly vlogs. They are super interesting and i loved her recent vlog of her 18th Birthday! Was such a good vlog!

Recent vlog: 

I LOVE Imogen! Imogen is honestly such a funny person, i literally adore her. I love how down to earth she is, but she is also very sassy. Defiantly check out Imogen, absoloute howler!!

Recent video:
Hailey Reese:
i watched her videos back to back and i love them! She believes in the unbelievable, and after hearing her paranormal stories, so do i! I love them so much. She is doing videos everyday in October, and i have been loving them so far!

Recent video:

I hope you enjoy this blogtober!

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