What i’ve learnt in 20 years? #BlogtoberDay21

Hellooo&welcome to Blogober Day 21,

I am going to be sharing with you some things i have learnt in my 20 years. I know i am only 20, and i haven’t had a long life experience yet, but looking back on it now, boy, have i learnt a lot in my 20 years, especially my teenage years. 

1. Not everyone is going to stick around forever, just cherish the memories 

2. You can never stop learning, you learn everyday!

3. Don’t be afraid to stand up in something you agree with. 

4. Being single is okay, it’s about what makes you happy.

5. Finding the perfect foundation shade isn’t easy.

6. You never grow out of disney movies. Ever.

7. No matter what situation you get into, theres always a way out of it.

8. Everything happens for a reason.

9. Expect change, people change, things change, life changes.

10. It’s okay to say no.

11. Not everyone is going to like you, never change for anyone. 

12. Eat that cake. 

13. Learn to love yourself, before trying to love anyone else. 

14. Always be kind, it will make someone’s day.

15. Smiling is always the best option.

16. You don’t need 30 friends, 3 friends are enough.

17. Stop comparing your lives to someone else’s.

18. Always make time for yourself, and your wellbeing, that is the most important.

19. Try and not overthink things. I am100% guilty of this!

20. What’s meant to happen, will always happen in the end. 

Love Amy x

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