Top 5 youtube videos favourites from Chase #BlogtoberDay26

Helloooo&Welcome to blogtober Day 26. 

I am here talking about my top 5 remix favourites from @ChaseBlake01 and i love doing my top 5 favourites from different artists. 

1. KYLE- iSpy (Chase blake Remix) I love this remix, this remix has defiantly got a lot of beats to it. I love the lyrics and the remix vibe to it! 

iSpy Remix.

2. DJ Khaled x Justin Bieber I’m the one (Chase Blake remix) Slayed this remix! Again, love this. I love how his voice blends into the song and into the beat. 

I’m the one. 

3. Yungen- Bestie (Chase Blake remix) I love how such a chill vibe this is. It is set in the car and it is just so chilled, but again the voice really comes across. 


4.  Reacting to one of my first music videos: I love this. This is just Chase reacting to his first music video. You get a real insight into how far he has come in his music videos and i really enjoy watching these videos of him, he’s smashing the game. Slaaaaay. 


5. Don’t lie to your doctor story time: I love this story. This story has me in tears of laughter. Everytime i feel a lil down, i will always come back to this, as it is hilarious. I love how he tells the story of this. Brilliant and comical

Story time!

Hope you enjoyed Amy x

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