Halloween Tag! #BlogtoberDay30

Helloooo&welcome to Blogtober Day 30!
Tomorrow is Halloween, so i am going to be doing the Halloween Tag, to get in the mood for halloween!

1. What is your favourite halloween movie? Defiantly hocus pocus!

2. 1-10, how much do you love Halloween? When i was younger defiantly a 10, now i am 20, probably a 8! I love decorating and doing halloween makeup!

3. What is your fondest Halloween memory? When i was younger, we would go and pick out our outfit (i was usually a witch) and i loved picking out the outfits. We would also pick out some halloween decorations and sweets and movies to watch. On Halloween night, we would go trick or treating, and i’d love to put on my outfit and go and knock on people’s doors! It was so fun!

4. Have you always been a Halloween lover? Yes, i have loved Halloween since i knew what it was about!

5. How do you get into the halloween spirit? By getting a lot of decorations and watching halloween makeup videos!

6. Favourite halloween decorations? Probably carved pumpkins and the halloween tinsel.

7. Favourite Halloween/Autumn scent: Pumpkin scent, spiced apple!

8. Favourite sweets? Marshmallows or haribo tangfastics!

9. Vampires or zombies? Zombies!

10. What is your weird fear? A fear of having a really bad accident or dying. 

11. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes i defiantly do!

Happy Halloween for tomorrow!
Amy x

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