My favourite 5 Christmas movies #BlogmasDay6

Helloooo&welcome to Blogmas Day 9;
I am going to be sharing with you my top 5 Christmas movies: 

1. My first favourite has got to be Elf. This has been a long time favourite Christmas movie for me. I love watching Elf when Christmas is near. Elf is about a man who has been raised as an elf at the North Pole and he is sent to the US to find his true identity. 

Image result for elf movie
2. Love actually: I love watching Love actually. This is about following the lives of 8 different people how they deal with their love lives. It is set a month before Christmas and is set in London, which i love.

Love Actually Poster
3. Polar express: I have loved polar express since it came out. It is about that has a journey to the North pole on the polar express. He gets to learn about the spirit of Christmas. This defiantly makes me feel more festive. 

The Polar Express Poster
4. A wish for Christmas: This is on netflix. I love the fact it has Gretchen from Mean girls in it, but you get to see a different side to her. This is about a lady called Sara who is shy and her boss steals the idea from her, and she asks a wish from Santa, will the wish come true?

5. Home alone: This is such a classic Christmas movie. Everyone must’ve watched this film. Home alone is about a 8 year old who has to stop the house from getting burgled. He has been accidentally left at home, whilst his family goes on holiday.
I hope you enjoyed,
Amy x

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